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ALOT is a place to find apps for your PC.

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  1.  Yelp! SearchDownload
     Yelp! Search

    Looking for a new brunch spot? Or how about the best tattoo parlor in town? Or perhaps you're just looking for a good spa? Yelp! is the place to find great local businesses, from restaurants to doctors to local…

  2.  Recipe SearchDownload
     Recipe Search

    Satisfy your hunger for the best recipes on the Internet with the Recipe Search app, powered by Food Network! Just enter your desired dish into the search field and you’ll be whisked to a detailed recipe with c…

  3.  Kraft In Season ProduceDownload
     Kraft In Season Produce

    Find out which delicious fruits and vegetables are in season right now and how to use them. Get fresh facts, tasty tips and recipe ideas directly from your Appbar. The Kraft Produce app offers unique and regula…

  4.  Recipe AssistantDownload
     Recipe Assistant

    Meijer Mealbox save you time and money. Search recipes, find coupons and plan meals. MealBox will build your shopping list automatically!

  5.  Healthy EatingDownload
     Healthy Eating

    Find healthy food choices and recipes here!

  6.  Calorie LookupDownload
     Calorie Lookup

    Ever wonder how many grams of fat your favorite food has? How about being mindful of the calories in that midday snack? Keep the guesswork out of it and find out the number of calories, fat, carbs and protein in y…

  7.  Delivery.comDownload
    Download is the leading destination for local online ordering! enables consumers to shop online from businesses in their neighborhoods, providing users with fast, convenient delivery and pickup fr…

  8.  UrbanspoonDownload

    Can't decide where to eat today? Spin the wheel and find something that fits your taste. And if you have a preference for cuisine, price or neighborhood, just lock the wheel and spin the others. This is a really f…

  9.  Recipe of the DayDownload
     Recipe of the Day

    Get new daily meal ideas and cook up delicious dishes with recipes provided by the most respected sources in cooking. Just click on any of the many recipe option categories in our expansive and convenient drop…