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  1.  Pinterest®Download

    Share your hobbies, interests and life with Pinterst, a virtual pinboard social sharing site. Pin your board with the things you love, things that inspire you and so much more. Then share it with your friends!

  2.  Pin ItDownload
     Pin It

    Add the Pinterest app and pin & share the pics you love.

  3.  GrouponDownload

    Did you know Groupon's first deal was in October 2008 and was a half-price offer for pizzas for the restaurant on the first floor of its building in Chicago? Groupon gets its name from "group coupon." The site fea…

  4.  FacebookDownload

    Access your Facebook account while you work or browse online! The Facebook app allows you to see your wall and timeline, check your notifications, and read your messages. You can also instantly update your status…

  5.  The New York TimesDownload
     The New York Times

    You’re just one click from breaking news, in-depth analysis, expert opinion and top reporting from the most respected bylines in the news business. Just click on any of the many news categories in our expansive…

  6.  YouTube®Download

    Search for videos on YouTube, the largest video library in the world. Discover, watch, upload and share videos from all around the world! Instructions: - Type the search term in the box to see video results…

  7.  CNNDownload

    Get breaking news from CNN, the cable network leader in news. The CNN app brings together all the resources of the top name in cable television and internet news coverage. Just click on any of the many news cat…

  8.  ESPN All Sports NewsDownload
     ESPN All Sports News

    You’re just one click from breaking sports news, in-depth analysis, expert opinion and expert reporting from the worldwide leader in sports. Just click on any sport category in our expansive and convenient drop…

  9.  Yelp! SearchDownload
     Yelp! Search

    Looking for a new brunch spot? Or how about the best tattoo parlor in town? Or perhaps you're just looking for a good spa? Yelp! is the place to find great local businesses, from restaurants to doctors to local…

  10.  Hulu® PlayerDownload
     Hulu® Player

    Missed the latest Modern Family episode? Don’t panic! Simply add the Hulu Player app to watch free TV series and movies, right on your computer. Features and functionalities: - Watch hours of videos directly…

  11.  MySpaceDownload

    Some call it MySpace, some call it The Website Formerly Known As MySpace, and others refer to it by My_____. Whatever you call it, this app provides one simple link to one of the most popular social entertainment…

  12.  SolitaireDownload

    Now you can play the classic game of solitaire, also known as Klondike, right in this fun app. Just click the App to launch the game window and deal up some solitaire fun. Instructions: - Move the four aces t…

  13.  ALOT RadioDownload
     ALOT Radio

    Listen to hours of free music with the Radio app. Access hundreds of local and international radio stations. Bookmark your favorite stations, search by genre, location, or type of programming. Whether you like roc…

  14.  The OnionDownload
     The Onion

    Like dry humor? Enjoy satire? Are you a sarcastic person? Well then the Onion is for you. The Onion is a satirical news publication and website that offers award-winning news and views that readers can't get an…

  15.  BBC NewsDownload
     BBC News

    Get the latest global news with an international perspective with the BBC News app. The European leader in news coverage offers up-to-the-minute breaking stories, analysis, in-depth feature stories and expert…

  16.  Star Defender 4Download
     Star Defender 4

    Who can fight the numerous hordes of Insectus and protect the native Galaxy? What do Black Holes hide inside them and where do they lead? To answer these questions one has to become the hero of Star Defender 4. Hu…

  17.  OrkutDownload

    This app provides easy access to the social network, Orkut which is run by Google. Did you know it was named after a Google employee named Orkut Büyükkökten? Of course you did! With 100 million active users worldw…

  18.  Rolling StoneDownload
     Rolling Stone

    Stay on top of the latest music news with the Rolling Stone app. This app pulls RSS feeds from Rolling Stone on their news articles, blogs, album reviews, and song reviews.

  19.  FOX NewsDownload
     FOX News

    Get the latest headlines, breaking stories, in-depth reports, and analysis from one of the leaders and most respected names in U.S. and global news reporting. Just click open this jam-packed, easy-to-navigate…

  20.  Craigslist®Download

    This app provides a simple link to one of the web's most popular destinations, Craigslist. The site is a centralized network of online communities, featuring free online classified advertisements - with sections d…

  21.  Package TrackerDownload
     Package Tracker

    This app allows you to easily track packages from FedEx, UPS, and the US Postal Service. Simply enter in the tracking numbers and the app will provide delivery status information for all your packages. You'll rece…

  22.  USA TodayDownload
     USA Today

    This app provides access to the different sections of USA Today. Instantly see what the latest headlines are from one of the most popular news sources.

  23.  Lottery ResultsDownload
     Lottery Results

    Are you a winner? Find the latest results and lottery numbers with this easy to use app. The app displays the winning numbers, current jackpot amount, the drawing date for the most recent results, and the next dr…

  24.  Email NotifierDownload
     Email Notifier

    Add the email notifier app and say goodbye to trying to keep track of all your new email. This app will allow you to access your new emails from your appbar and alert you of any incoming messages the second they l…

  25.  IMDB SearchDownload
     IMDB Search

    Search the world's largest collection of movie, TV and celebrity information right from the IMDb Search App. You’ll have instant access to more than 1.5 million movie and TV titles and more than 3.2 million celebr…

  26.  SudokuDownload

    If you're up for the challenge you can get instant access to Sudoku puzzles right in this app. Step up to the challenge and give your brain a workout with instant access to Sudoku puzzles right from your app. I…

  27.  FB BirthdaysDownload
     FB Birthdays

    This app allows you to easily see all of your friends' birthdays on Facebook and to send them birthday messages with super fun images attached. Features include: - See whose birthday is today - See upcoming b…

  28.  To Do ListDownload
     To Do List

    Start scheduling household chores, work projects, homework assignments, and important calls in no time. In only a couple of clicks, the to-do list app is the simplest way to remain organized. Features and Instr…

  29.  WeatherDownload

    Get local weather conditions and forecasts right in your app! Accuweather brings you instant weather news and is available worldwide. The app will automatically recognize your location, or you can configure it to…

  30.  KittensDownload

    Can't get enough cute, cuddly kittens? Get your fill with the Kittens App. Click for instant access to the cutest and funniest kitten photos and videos around.

  31.  MapsDownload

    ALOT's Maps and Directions will get you anywhere you want to go with the most reliable information and recommendations possible. If you’re looking for any specific location on a map, just type the address into…

  32.  PayPal®Download

    It's never been easier and safer to send and receive money online. Manage your account, view your recent transations, send and receive money, check balances and so much more with the PayPal app.