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About ALOT

ALOT is a place to find apps for your PC.

Use ALOT apps to play games, get directions, check the weather, listen to the radio and much much more

To get started, add the free ALOT Appbar to your browser, then pick the apps you want to display.

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  • Released On:October 20, 2010

To use Tiny URL, you'll need to download and install the ALOT Appbar. Clicking Download will download and install the Tiny URL App and the ALOT Appbar.

It's 100% Free and Safe! Want to know more? Check out our Terms Of Use.

Need to shorten a web address to send to a friend or to post on Twitter? Use the Tiny URL app to instantly shorten the URL of the page you’re on.


- Navigate to the page you want to share.

- Click the Tiny URL app and "allow access"

- The shortened URL will be automatically copied to your clipboard

- Paste the new URL into an email, Tweet, Facebook, or other social networks


  • Tiny URL screenshot 1
  • Tiny URL screenshot 2