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ALOT is a place to find apps for your PC.

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  • Released On:January 19, 2011

To use Solitaire, you'll need to download and install the ALOT Appbar. Clicking Download will download and install the Solitaire App and the ALOT Appbar.

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Now you can play the classic game of solitaire, also known as Klondike, right in this fun app. Just click the App to launch the game window and deal up some solitaire fun.


- Move the four aces to the foundation (the four spots in the upper right of the screen)

- Use the mouse to drag and drop the cards around the seven columns on the screen

- Click on the top card to turn over three cards at a time

- If the card is playable, you may do so, if not, click again for another draw

- The game ends when either all the foundations are filled (you win!) or when no more moves are possible (you lose!)


  • Solitaire screenshot 1
  • Solitaire screenshot 2