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About ALOT

ALOT is a place to find apps for your PC.

Use ALOT apps to play games, get directions, check the weather, listen to the radio and much much more

To get started, add the free ALOT Appbar to your browser, then pick the apps you want to display.

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Our Team


Meet the ALOT Team!

ALOT is a small company located in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City. We are a diverse group of individuals with each person bringing their own character to the company. Mouse over on the team member photos below to find out more about our personalities and what apps we love.

  •  Pedro

    After a long day of fixing everyone's computer problems at work, I escape into Sci/Fi novels.

    My favorite App is
  •  David

    I'm the man who knows all things French and wears multiple hats in business development and direct marketing.

    My favorite App is Today
  •  Chris

    Bio? I have no time to write a bio. I have 10,000 projects to manage and 3 concerts to see tonight.

    My favorite App is Email Notifier
  •  Howard

    There's nothing purer on this earth than true robot love; it's so powerfull my mechanical heart skips a dot beep.

    My favorite App is Live Radio
  •  Peter

    I'm the CEO here at and enjoy working with our entire team here in New York. We love our products and hope you do too!

    My favorite App is Stocks
  •  Doc

    I'm a master of pivot tables and visual basic. I'm the the guy who knows every Excel hotkey.

    My favorite App is Email Notifier
  •  Debbie

    I'm a marketer turned stats employee. I like shopping for clothes almost as much as Sugar, my reindeer bff.

    My favorite App is Today
  •  Jason

    I ride my bike to work and somehow still manage to get to work before Manish.

    My favorite App is Quotes
  •  Monica

    I'm quietly amassing a huge inventory of toys for my cubical, in between managing projects.

    My favorite App is Today
  •  Doris

    I'm the quiet DBA that turns into the ping pong demon at work happy hours. Bring your best game!

    My favorite App is Solitaire
  •  Serge

    I've been known to code for days on end with nothing but an endless supply of sunflower seeds.

    My favorite App is Say It